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"Caylan Ford has my full support to be our next UCP candidate and MLA. Caylan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and she will be an effective voice for her constituents; her role as a parent simply rounds out that experience. We are fortunate to have such an accomplished young woman running. She is the only candidate who can win Calgary-Mountain View for the UCP. "

Bill Smith 
2017 Mayoral Candidate, Past PC Party President, Calgary-Mountain View Resident

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"I am pleased to join friends in Calgary-Mountain View in supporting Caylan Ford for the UCP nomination. Caylan is exactly the sort of candidate we need: a knowledgeable and experienced conservative who can appeal to a new generation of voters. She is committed to listening to her constituents and representing them with integrity. With Caylan as the candidate, we can earn the trust of voters in Calgary-Mountain View. She will be a phenomenal MLA, and I look forward to serving with her in the legislature."

Doug Schweitzer 
UCP Candidate for Calgary-Elbow 

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"I first met Caylan through our mutual interest in human rights and international affairs, and was deeply impressed by her intellect and her passion for public policy. Caylan offers a compelling vision of what conservative politics could be — thoughtful, principled, and informed by a disposition of gratitude and humility. She has the judgement and the experience to be a powerful voice in the next Alberta government, and it is without hesitation that I endorse her as the UCP representative for Calgary-Mountain View."

Garnett Genuis
Member of Parliament for Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan

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"Caylan Ford is the clear conservative choice for Calgary-Mountain View. She offers an impressive combination of academic smarts and real life policy experience, while also being a mother to two children. She and her husband Jared are exactly the kind of folks who reflect the priorities of people in Calgary Mountain View, and she has what it takes to ensure that constituents are heard. Please join me in supporting the best conservative candidate and the only candidate who can win Calgary-Mountain View for the UCP."

Tyler Shandro 
UCP Candidate for Calgary-Acadia 

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“I know Caylan—she's bright, kind, hardworking, and she deeply cares about Alberta and the people who live here. I believe she will be a great MLA and the people of Calgary-Mountain View would be lucky to have her. ”

Heather Forsyth
Former MLA and Solicitor General of Alberta

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“Caylan Ford would be an excellent addition to Jason Kenney's UCP team. A former small business owner, she is a self-starter who understands how government and taxation can help or hinder job creation. From her years in the federal government, she knows how the policy process works. Her many years of education prove that once she sets her mind to something, she will see it through to completion. I hope you'll join me in supporting Caylan for the UCP nomination in Calgary-Mountain View.”

Ric McIver
MLA for Calgary-Hays

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“Please join me in supporting Caylan Ford, the clear choice for Calgary-Mountain View. Caylan is passionate about public service, and has a deep understanding of conservative principals. She has dedicated her life to defending human freedom and dignity, but is also a small business owner, international affairs expert, wife and mother to two wonderful daughters. I know she can reach out to new voters while staying true to our rock solid conservative first principles. She has the experience and judgement that we need in government.”

Nathan Cooper
MLA for Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills

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"I would like to endorse Caylan Ford as the UCP candidate in Calgary - Mountain View.  She has the passion, commitment and conviction to be a strong contributor to Jason Kenney's UCP team.  She is thoughtful and focused on making common sense decisions that improve quality of life in our communities and province for today and future generations. Caylan's deep understanding that ALL Albertans will benefit from getting our province's finances and economy back on track, will make her the ideal person to represent the UCP as a candidate in the next election and serve the citizens of Calgary - Mountain View in the Alberta Legislature. She has fresh perspective and that's what we need!"

Kyle Fawcett 
Former PC MLA, Calgary-Klein

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"When I first met Caylan I was blown away by her passion for public service, her extensive experience and her intelligence. It’s exciting to have such a talented woman put her name forward for the United Conservative Party nomination. In the provincial election next spring, the NDP and the Liberals will be mounting tough campaigns here. In order to win Mountain View, the UCP needs a candidate who is experienced, articulate, and dedicated to serving the community. Without question that candidate is Caylan Ford. If you want a conservative representative in 2019, Caylan Ford is the clear choice. Please join me in supporting her to be our UCP nominee and next conservative MLA."

Susanne DiCocco
Calgary businesswoman, former CPC nomination candidate, and resident of Calgary-Mountain View