Over the last several months of campaigning, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with thousands of Calgary-Mountain View residents. I want to share with you some of the top issues that I’m hearing about at the doors.

I also want to invite your feedback. What are your hopes for the next provincial government? Please let me know by emailing

Fiscal responsibility

We have a duty to ensure that future generations do not bear the burden of our current spending. The NDP government has recklessly run up the public debt, and Albertans will be left paying the bill for years to come. Today over $1.4 billion per year goes to interest payments alone, with that number projected to reach $3.8 billion per year in 2023. I am committed to exercising fiscal responsibility, and will work to carefully rein in public spending while protecting needed services and programs.  

Creating jobs and attracting investment

Alberta is a dynamic and entrepreneurial province whose people recognize the value of hard work and initiative. Unfortunately, the NDP’s policies have made life harder for business owners. Some of these policies, like raising the minimum wage, are well intentioned.  But poorly designed policies have produced unintended consequences, leading to job loss and ultimately hurting workers. 

I want to make it easier to start and sustain small businesses through lower taxes, the streamlining of inefficient regulations, and improved consultation.  We also need a provincial government that will advocate for Alberta’s interests within Canada, and make sure that we can once again be an attractive destination for investment and job creation.

Advocating for our resource industry

It is important to uphold high environmental standards, reduce emissions, and ultimately diversify our economy.  But global demand for oil remains high, and Alberta’s resource sector is the lifeblood of our economy. Unlike many other oil-producing countries, our oil and gas sector embraces rigorous environmental, labour, and human rights standards. We need to get pipelines built so that our resources can reach global markets.


Many voters have raised concerns about the new curriculum being introduced by the NDP. I believe the education system should focus on mastery of a broad knowledge base, giving young people the tools they need to think critically about the world around them. Schools should offer a well-rounded understanding of our history, and should never be used to advance a narrow ideological agenda.

School choice is another important issues for many voters. As a mother, I know that every child is unique, and I want to make sure that families have the freedom and the support to make the best decisions for their children.

Strong families & communities

The wellbeing of a society cannot be measured by material wealth alone, but by the strength of our relationships. Strong connections to families, neighbours, and broader communities are essential to our health and wellbeing, and also promote liberty and reflect our capacity for self-governance. The state cannot replace the organic social connections that sustain us, but it can support the conditions for healthy communities and families to thrive.

Environmental stewardship

As conservatives, we recognize that society is an intergenerational partnership, and that we are only temporary stewards of the earth.

For too long, we have ceded ground on environmental issues to the political left. But conservative philosophy offers a deep well of environmental thinking, grounded in a love of home, a respect for the natural world, and a sense of responsibility to future generations. It’s time we reclaimed this issue by advancing thoughtful environmental policies that don’t compromise economic growth.

Restoring civility and nuanced policymaking  

We are living through a time of growing polarization and accelerating technological, social, and economic change. To meet these challenges, we need to move beyond divisive partisan discourse, and focus instead on nuanced, evidence-based policymaking. Guided by a belief in truth and respect for human dignity as the cornerstones of a free and just society, I am committed to compassionate and thoughtful engagement on the issues.